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5 Ways To Improve The Hole In Your Teeth

Do you have a hole in your teeth?. How do you feel when talking to people, eating, or drinking. Very painful and uncomfortable right.

A hole in the teeth is caused by many factors and mostly develops in children because of the things they put in their mouth when food particles get stuck in between their teeth and they want to get it out. These things are agents of bacterial examples is unsterilized sticks, brooms which then tends to harm them someday.

The sad news is that we the adults sometimes do that which is not healthy as health issues are of concern. 

Holes in teeth are like stagnant water, over time it develops into a bad state which becomes harmful to the surrounding.

Anyways if you already have a hole in your teeth and have a plan of getting it out someday but whilst you haven't done that yet, here are ways to improve it as well as your breath.

1. Fish

Fish can make your breath worst especially those with holes in their teeth. The reason is fish easily get fermented because of their moisturized body and start to develop fungus(bacterial) on them. 

A practical example is an unpreserved fish, you will notice that there is a whitish or creamy substance on them thus fungus(bacteria), so once fish particles enter the hole in your teeth it undergoes fungus stage when left unkept for days hence causing bad breath.

So in all avoid eating fish if you don't like flossing or washing your mouth with water right after eating. 

2. Hard Products 

Chewing hard products especially those with weak teeth can take the teeth of hence creating holes and for those already having a hole in the tooth, it can widen it making room for infections.

3. Surgery Products

One of the causes of holes in teeth and bad breath is surgery products. Surgery products weaken the teeth hence the gateway for bacterial to thrive and create more holes. 

And if it happens you can stop taking surgery products such as drinks, you can use a straw, and make sure to wash your mouth with water right after. 

4. Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is one of the causes of bad breath. When our bodies fail to produce saliva in the mouth it causes an uncomfortable state. One function of the saliva is to protect the mouth from infections so when our body fails to produce enough it makes our breath bad. 

Coffee and caffeinated products contribute to the inability of the body to produce saliva when taking it regularly.

Create a space-time for these types of products to make you feel good among your peers.

5. Drugs

The use of drugs like antibiotics can help improve your breath. Antibiotics work by fighting against infections in our bodies and some of these antibiotics work on the gum and teeth. So taking an antibiotic that works on gums and teeth will be of great help. 

As drugs are concerned Calcium is also good for the teeth and gum as it strengthens it, so eating foods that contain calcium or taking in calcium supplements will be of great help to yourself.

For Any Add Ups or Controversies, You Can Find Me In The Comment Section....... Thanks For Reading.

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