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Just Admit It: You have done one of these before during your childhood

Sometimes we tend to behave weirdly to the extent that we even laugh at our own selves.

Behaving weirdly may be a result of divided attention or absent mindedness. Most at times too we follow curiosity and end up behaving strangely. Sometimes too we behave strangely just for fun or as a result of not knowing what you are doing. Below are 5 activities which every Tom, Dick and Harry has done before.

1.You walked into a room, forgot what you needed, walked out and then remembered. Most at times, this happens to us and I believe it is caused by divided attention or inattentiveness.

2. When you were young, you drew the sun In the corner of the paper. This will be as a result of not knowing what you are doing.

3. When you were little, you thought the shape of the heart was actually ❣️. When we were young, we were taught that the love shape was called a heart ❤️ so therefore that was the basis of that assumption.

4. You slowly shut the door of the fridge to figure out exactly when the lights went off. This fact puzzles us so much that we are forced out of curiosity to slowly shut the door of the fridge to know when the lights go off.

5. You tried to balance the lights switch between On and Off. This is also a product of curiosity.

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