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Pay Bloggers and Writers to publish stories: No free lunch anywhere

Blogging is a full time job done by Writers to publish and share information. It is a job that requires the updating and maintenance of sites where articles are published. A yearly sum is paid to keep the blog active and data is bought to go online to publish stories.

Most Bloggers livelihood depend on people paying for their articles or stories to be published. Articles could be presented or Bloggers can write these articles and publish.

 But, sadly to say, most people give stories to Bloggers and tell them, publish this story for me, or pick this story and publish, without paying. Celebrities tell Bloggers to pick stories and mostly complain that, Bloggers and Writers continuously do negative stories about them, thereby, promoting negativity, when they do not want to pay for the services rendered by Bloggers.

People actually see it as something to be done freely, but this should not be the case. When you actually need data to go online and publish stories as well as share on all social media platforms.

It is important to note that, be it a written article or a blogger writing the story, Bloggers need to be paid for the work done. This will help maintain their blogs or websites as well as help feed their families.

It is high time celebrities and people who want their stories published, pay for stories and articles to be published.

Content created and supplied by: PaulinaAnaba (via Opera News )


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