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These Images Will Make You laugh like how they made me laugh

Hi People of the internet.I know you're bored now so trying looking at these pictures below and just imagine how it would be like if it was to happen to you or someone you know. It really made me laugh and I hope it would also make you smile. I challenge you not to laugh.

1.What you see below is a gas cylinder positioned on top of a gate with the intention of making it falling when the person inside opens it. Dont laugh.Please don't try this prank on any one because it can make them go to coma for a decade.

2.We all know why we get ourselves animals especially dogs.We usually buy them to protect us or accompany us sometimes when we are lonely. But I can't understand why the the dog was running and ended up climbing the back of it's owner. So who's protesting each other now? Don't laugh

3.Some time ago when mobiles weren't that famous, dating was mostly face to face.Just like how you see in the picture below,though it looks funny buh I think it was cool. Look at the man who's standing in the bush with the lady bear chested, doesn't he have a shirt to wear? I think having a bicycle then is like having a Royce rolls now because I can see the ladies blushing. Wait is she scared of the man in suits because it's like she's running away from him ,or he has a mouth odour?

Don't laugh

4.Love really makes us blind. No like how can she say, he looks like Justin Bieber?

I think the two of them would be a perfect match but what I don't understand is who colonized their country? they can't be ghanaians because their English is too expensive to read. Its don't judge a book by its cover not what you saying. Is he going for a kiss ?

5.What, where are those who wear glasses,I think this picture is for you because I don't understand what am seeing.

Which picture here made you laugh?

I hope I made you smile.As you enjoy your day,don't forget to protect yourselves because even now, mosquitos wear nose mask, if you think am telling lies ,ask yourself why we stopped seeing mosquitos when Covid-19 came to Ghana?

Thanks for your time.

As always"we see differently".

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