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Skin Care

Do this natural powerful soap to get money and favor

Hi lovely people hope everyone is doing well am back with another amazing article which talks about money


1. Rosemary 

2. Alligator pepper ( 21 seed) 

3. Orange peel( dry) 

4. pure honey

5. ashes ( early morning)

6. carrots oil  

7. Cloves ( any amount)

8. Cinnamon powder ( little amount)

9. Sea salt (little)

10. Coconut water

11. Thyme (optional)

12. Local soap


Pound all the ingredients listed above (alligator pepper seed, thyme, rosemary,cloves Orange peels ) in a mortar, till get a smooth powder, add your ashes ,sea salt and the local soap, pound till it mix well.

Then add your coconut water ( extract the water from one of the eyes) mix it well, add your carrot oil and pure honey mix it well well ,pack them in a white container, pray over it Pray all your heart desires. 

Leave it for 7 days, and start using it on the 8th day, Bath it early morning, tested and confirm.




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Cloves Rosemary Thyme


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