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Look Inside The Queen Elizabeth's II Palace, Which Is Called The Buckingham Palace

The Buckingham palace rooms are beautified with the finest silky and fabrics , filled with historical treasure and hung with priceless Old Master artwork . Built over decades by a variety of royals , they often feature a fantastical array of interior styles

1:1844 Room

It is one of the most important rooms in the palace - it is where the Queen and other family members of the royal family distinguish visitors

2: White Drawing Room, Buckingham Palace

Here the Queen often tapes her annual Christmas message from this excellent room, which is also used to host party . On those occasions , the monarch makes a different entrance from a hidden door that is disguised as a mirror and a cabinet

3: Throne Room

Nowhere is that more apparent than in the throne room , which features theatrical red curtains. The pair of thrones are called the Chairs of Estate

4: Crimson Drawing


It is a radiant shade of red accented by gold detailing. Most of the rooms exquisite furnishings are by Morel and Seddon, the principal suppliers to King George VI.

5:Grand Reception Room

This ballroom features six spectacular tapestries that tell the story of Jason and Medea, from the historic Paris manufacturer Gobelins

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