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If you keep saying these words, you may embarrass yourself one day. Find out why

No one is born perfect. We all make mistakes sometimes. But repeating a certain mistake over and over may lead to an embarrassment one day.

Below are some words or phrases one should avoid saying. They are wrong and not appropriate.

1. First come, first serve.

This may sound right but the meaning we use on this phrase is not right. This phrase means, the one to come first will be the one to serve everyone. This is not what we mean here.

The correct thing to say is 'First come, first served'

 The only difference is the letter 'd' attached to the word 'serve'. This has now been corrected and it now means that, the first person to arrive or come will be served.

2. I could care less.

This phrase is quite wrong and it means that, you can care for the person with a minimum help. But that is not what most people want to say about this.

The correct thing to say is 'I couldn't care less'. This means you are maxed of empathy to help.

3. Piece of mind.

This word or phrase may be pronounced same as the right one, but the spellings may make one wrong.

The correct thing to say is 'Peace of mind'.

4. Wet your appetite.

Same pronunciation with the right word but wrong in spelling.

The correct phrase to say is 'whet your appetite'. This shows your desire for something, normally food.

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