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OPINION: What Makes You Love Twene Jonas Apart From His 'Truth' Or 'Lie' Telling? Suggest Your Ideas

I will first of all address my fans for clicking this content, I Will firstly address Twene Jonas in this article, if you might not know him in a while, and also if you have suggestions you can share your view in the comments section.

One of the social media influencers trending recently is Twene Jonas who has a literal name in our local language 'Glass Nkoaa' which means that 'Everything Is Glass'.

When he says 'Glass Nkoaa' then his fans replied '24/7, the system is working'

Twene Jonas is her real name on all social media platforms covering over 20k followers.

On his platforms, Twene Jonas addresses the issues that are arising in Ghana that need to be stopped and normally addresses the lifestyle of the whites and the lifestyle of Ghanaians, how we are coping with our lifestyle that needs to be fixed.

He also probably used some 'unaccepting words' to address the issues but in the normal sense, some are true not probably defending him. I know and understand that some won't agree to that and they are true too.

Twene Jonas, in some of his videos that gone viral throughout the four corners of the social media platforms, was on the matters on 'Galemsey' in local language which is 'illegal way of mining resources' where he brought up some controversial point of his view on the leaders.

With my description, what makes you loved Twene Jonas the most?

Please to this question, lemme see your view on the comments?

And I won't be shocked if many will suggest from different angles on the headline keyword 'Twene Jonas'. You just keep your comments coming in. Don't also forget to follow up, like, and share. Thank You for reading, you're blessed.

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