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Five Things No One Should Be Ashamed Of, Check Them Out.

Growing up a lot of us are brain washed to be to strong. Have always keep cool even when things are simply not going on right. We were told that keeping silent through the pains of life was strength.

Due to this a lot of us are forced to grow up. We are made to see certain things as shameful. Such things are only natural and human, yet we shy away from them because society says so. The case is even worse in men, they're forced to bottle up all their weaknesses, those who voice out are tagged as weak.

We are made to be ashamed of a lot of things which shouldn't be the case. I bring to you some things you should never be ashamed of.

1. Asking for help. In the great words of a wise one it's said that human being is an island. We're social beings, meaning we need one another to survive. We can't do it all by ourselves and once in a while we need help from each other to get to our destination.

2. Saying no. There's absolutely nothing in this universe that's wrong with to say no. Saying no shouldn't be something you're shy of. You can't always be there for others. If you're uncomfortable with something don't be afraid to voice your no out. Don't overstretch yourself.

3. Making mistakes. I understand that when you plan something you want to execute it smoothly without any setbacks. Mistakes are what makes you grow. According to Mary Tyler Moore an American actress, ''take chances, make mistakes that's how you grow''. Nikki Giovanni an American poet, also said ''mistakes are a fact of life, it's the response to error that counts''. Don't beat yourself up because you made a mistake. Making them means you're simply human.

4. Taking care of yourself. Don't ever feel ashamed of taking care of yourself. Don't let anyone make you feel bad for doing what's best for. Take time off and rejuvenate yourself. Connect with your mind, body and soul. It's very good for your whole wellbeing.

5. Missing a toxic person. All of us at some points in our lives have encountered toxic people. Though our memories of them aren't entirely pleasant we do miss them once in a while. At some points we miss them and want to be around them. This is very common in relationships. There's nothing wrong with missing them. We should however not forget that our well being is more important and not go back to this toxic person.

Is there anything I didn't add? Thank you so much for reading. Kindly like,share and follow me. Take care bye.

Content created and supplied by: Mandeiya (via Opera News )


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