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You Will Remain Poor If You Encourage These Habits As A Young Man

Poverty is a choice and success too, is a choice. Some people have inherited their wealth and they don't know poverty. Some people have worked for their success and equally kissed poverty goodbye. There are some people who are poor because they've chosen to assume that status; no one is born to languish in abject poverty.

Our ways of life can make us successful or not. There are some habits which makes people become poor even though, they had good starts in life. These are some habits which will make you poor if you encourage them.

Spending unnecessary amounts of money on betting or gambling in general. Gamblers are mostly unsuccessful in life. When you invest your hard earned money in such unproductive ways, you will always be a loser. Staking lottery will only render you useless. Have you seen a habitual lottery staker who is well to do?

Womanizing is a habit which has rendered many vibrant people poor. Spending huge amounts of money on n street girls won't make you secure a future anyone could boast of. Be a reasonable young man and invest your money in businesses which can make you better in future.

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