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Get Lucky Now: Tested Methods To Boost Your Luck

If you want or need to bring good luck to your home, start by purifying and protecting your own vibrations first. Once you have performed protection rituals on yourself, you can apply certain tricks or remedies at home that will modify the energy in order to attract good luck and fortune.

Energy flow

To bring good luck to your home first take a good look at the place. Identify how energy flows in your home. Is there perhaps a room where everyone feels more comfortable or at ease? On the contrary, is there a place where they are not rigged? The energy feeds back and the places that generate positive emotions are often the ones that have the best energy and vice versa. In order to attract good luck and more positive emotions, it is important that every room in your house has the same flow of energy. Make sure that every room and corner of your house is used from time to time and that pleasant moments are spent in that space (for example, it is played with the family, listened to music, played with pets).

Also, keep your home dust-free and never accumulate old or unusable (damaged) things. It does not matter if you follow all the tricks to attract good luck , if your house is dirty, dark and full of things, no remedy will be totally effective. Your home must be balanced and if there are "dead zones" this will disrupt the high energy draw. Likewise, if there is a room where low vibrations are usually generated (for example, the room of a married couple in trouble where arguments and fights occur) be sure to modify the energy of the place with the following remedies and tricks.

Light and reflection

First identify if you have mirrors that are directly reflecting light coming through windows or doors. If you have a mirror in front of a light source, move it immediately so that its reflection is a wall or internal space in your home, not a door or window. A mirror that reflects the entry of light creates a boomerang of energy where it enters your home and is immediately fired by the reflection and redirected out once more. Second, look for dark places in every room, especially nooks and crannies, and place lamps in those places. Ideally, the lamps will be those that project the light towards the ceiling and not towards the floor. Let natural light and air into your home from time to time by opening windows and curtains.


To bring good luck to your home, it is important to make sure that everything around your home is healthy and alive. Walk around your house and remove diseased or dead plants and replace them with new ones. Never place garbage containers in front of your door and eliminate any sources of waste around (garbage, dead leaves, mud, etc.). If you live in an apartment, put live plants (never artificial) in all your windows and make sure there are no damaged or dirty things on the front door. Also, remove and replace any windows and doors that have problems or are damaged in any way.

Music and mantras

Search YouTube or iTunes for "mantras for purification and protection." Listen to a few and choose one or two that stand out to you. Never choose a mantra without first hearing it and matching your energy (if you feel uncomfortable listening to it, it is not a mantra for you). Once you choose your protection mantras , put them to sound in the central room of your house (whatever is right in the middle of your home, be it the kitchen or a bathroom). Let these mantras sound for at least two hours each day for 40 days in a row. Also, find relaxation and meditation music and play it around your home every day, even if you are not there. Music and mantras raise vibrations and attract positive energy and good luck.


If you feel that things are not going well for you and you need to bring good luck to your home, remove all dark colors. If you have dark walls or curtains, switch to white or bright colors like aqua, yellow, or orange. If you can't make drastic changes, at least introduce these colors in the form of photographs, paintings, ornaments, or cushions. Open the windows and let the natural light in, put in bright lamps and avoid the decorations in shades of gray, brown and black. Don't forget any room. The kitchen, the bathroom, the closet, everything counts and the more color there is in these places, the more energy will flow and therefore, the more good luck it will attract. These five remedies are very simple but effective in bringing good luck and fortune into your home and life.

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