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Only in Kumerica: Check out the weird thing this lady was spotted doing on the streets of Kumasi.

Variety is the spice of life. Living a life made up of routines, processes amd procedures could be boring at times. That is why sometimes people go out of thier way to do things to spice up thier lives, it might be strange to others, but once its fun, they hardly carea about it.

For others too, procedures, processes and popular practices are not thier thing. They do what they feel will make them ok irrespective of any laid down rules or practices.

A typical example is a lady who was spotted on the streets somewhere in Kumasi. Everything seemed normal on her except foe one thing, her waist trainers.

For waist trainers, except for working out, are customarily worn under garments so it doesn't show. But hey, not this lady. She rather opted to put them on top of her garment for everyone to see.

Well, she doesn't seem to care much about that, as long at it achieved the purpose of wearing it.

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