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[Sarcasm]: Finally Someone has responded to the statement, 'Go and burn the sea'.

How many times have you not heard people retort to others: Go and burn the sea!? Usually coming from people who are obviously irritated by an instant argument for them to either change their way or succumb to directives being advanced. Aggressively or jokingly, they often tell their aggressor to “Go and burn the sea”.

It is to tell people to go and do the impossible. That is what it is. Burning the sea is an impossibility. 

However, like they say, wonders shall never end, someone seems to have accepted the challenge and has literally done the impossible. The sea has been burnt. 

This is evidence came online yesterday as video of a sea was seen burning in am imaginable inferno. The video, from the language of the people in it suggests it is in Lagos, Nigeria. 

A fire incident occurred on May 25, and confirmed to have happened at Ilashe beach located along Badagry Creek in Lagos state. The fire incident got fun seekers confused as the fire continued raging in the water.

The scientific explanation to this almost miraculous situation could not be known immediately, neither the video did come with some reasons for what we saw. Whatever the reason maybe, it is water, a sea for that matter that is burning. Something wonderful in nature no matter the circumstances. 

For the now, pending any future scientific or spiritual explanation, what we can put a figure on is the fact that, someone has positively responded to the command of “Go and burn the sea”. 

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