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Elizato-You have a generous man you call him mugu, you have a stingy man you call wicked.

It is a beautiful brand new day and thanks for clicking on this article. Hope by God's grace you are doing great and fine. Elizato can't keep dropping the wisdom and his funny quotes. Elizato is a radio presenter at Abusua Fm and also a philosopher. He said, "You have a generous man you call him mugu and you have a stingy man, my sister, your problem is spiritual".He continues if someone is generous to you you call him mugu meaning" foolish" and you also get a stingy man you are calling him a wicked man what is wrong with you.

When we say a person is a mugu someone who pays a lot of money or spends a lot on a girl. But the girl sees that person as a fool and they don't love them at times. They just want to spend their money. If a girl says she a gotten a mugu that means someone who is spending on her and she is not interested in him but the money. So because of the money, they will be with you and deceive you. They will pretend as if they love you but no, they don't love you. They just love your money, not you.

Some women after getting a mugu, go in for another stingy man they will say he is wicked. He is wicked because he doesn't pay or spend on them so much. A stingy man doesn't spend on a woman that much. Those men have gone through the mugu process and have decided not to give their money to girls again. They sometimes prefer to chop you first before they spend on you. They don't pay or spend on a woman for nothing, they always want something in return. Girls complain a lot when they meet such a guy because they don't pay or spend on them. Elizato doesn't understand why you get a generous man you call him mugu, but you also get a stingy man you can him wicked. You laugh and see him as a mugu because he is paying a lot or spending on you. You also complain when you have a stingy man because he doesn't pay and you call him wicked." Your problem is not physical but spiritual" said Elizato.

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