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The Spanish Festival Where Bulls Chase People To The Sea

Would participate in this risky pageant? All in the year, but especially at some point of neighborhood festivals, several bull-related sports activities

and activities take region throughout Spain. While the festivities rage, the bull-related activities nearly continually involve thrill-seekers throwing

themselves in the front of a herd of bulls whilst the agitated animals chase them thru the streets. The most well-known of those events is the

“Running of the Bulls” takes region at some point in the competition of San Fermin in Pamplona. In the beach city of Denia inside the province of

Alicante, six hundred km south of Pamplona, a distinct type of bull-running takes location one which has more to do with swimming than fighting. It is

known as Bous an l. A. Mar actually, “bulls to the ocean”.

The ceremony begins with bulls chasing younger boys down the Calle Marques de Campo, the metropolis's foremost side road, right down to the especially

the designed area within the port. Three sides of the rectangular arena are closed off with iron bars simply huge enough for humans to slide inside and out of

the arena must the bull get too near. The fourth side opens out into the harbor, with an approximately one-meter drop between the

sanded area floor and the water.


One by using one, the bulls are launched into the arena, and willing members then tease the bulls and try and get them into the water. The one

who succeeds in making the bull fall into the water is considered the winner.

Bous a la Mar has been held annually because as a minimum 1926 as a part of the pageant of Santisima Sangre, or "holy blood," which commemorates

a monk named Pedro Esteve who's stated to have stored the town from the plague in 1633. The competition takes place at some point in the second week of

July, around the equal time San Fermin takes the area.

Most revelers party all day - and often all night time with many getting little sleep and on occasion none at all before watching the 8 am encierros

in the back of the safety of timber limitations.

Party-goers sporting traditional red and white had been speedy soaked in sangria as the occasion got underway.   

The pageant, which attracts annually around one million human beings to the northern metropolis, become immortalized in the Twenties by using American novelist and

Literature Nobel Prize winner Ernest Hemingway.

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