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Spiritual benefits of salt

If you're new to cleansing or protective rituals, the first item you'll be encouraged to try is salt – yes, the same salt you use to season your food. When your goal is to protect your home from negativity (or ghosts), ordinary salt may not seem powerful enough. Salt, however, retains many of its culinary advantages as a spiritual tool: It has a wide range of applications, improves the overall effect of a ceremony, and is simple to employ. It's no surprise, then, that food plays a role in salt's spiritual powers.

The fact that salt is associated with cleanliness, protection, and purity is presumably why. To that end, the spiritual applications of salt are nearly as diverse as its everyday or "mundane" applications, as Moore refers to them. If you're not sure where to begin when it comes to using salt as a spiritual tool, Moore suggests focusing on its protective properties. She'll fill a small bag with salt and other protective items, such as runes, and stash it in her purse, luggage, or glove compartment to keep her safe while she's on the go.

You can, however, do something as simple as keeping a bowl of salt in each room of your house. Moore claims that doing so will assist in balancing and stabilizing the energy throughout the home. Moore suggests doing a little prep work first, regardless of how you intend to use salt. So, the next time you move into a new house and want to neutralize the space, all you need to do is grab your salt shaker and get to work. The same is true for keeping yourself and your belongings safe while traveling and remaining calm before a stressful meeting or conversation.

The soothing energy of salt is as versatile as it gets, so having some on hand is always a good idea. And, if nothing else, you'll never eat an unseasoned meal again.

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