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5 Life Hacks for the Modern Lady

The Oxford learner's dictionary defines the word lady as a woman who's polite and well-educated, has excellent manners and always behaves well. suffice it to say our definition of lady has changed dramatically and in the 21st century it could be more of a case of a woman who's got her stuffs together. Below are 5 modern life hacks to maintain that dictionary definition of being a modern lady.


1. You Are Your Own Prince Charming

There really is no such thing as a prince charming and if you're going to hang around waiting for him you're wasting precious time living your amazing beautiful carefree life. Getting your finances in order is something you need to do sooner rather than later and you're never too young to start. Get a great financial advisor on board; it's a small cost initially but it will have great long-term benefits.

Have a savings account for rainy days, always spend below budget, don't go into debt for material items you don't need, start saving for your retirement now, get life insurance, make sure you have a will in place especially if you have children or you have valuables you'd like to leave to specific friends or family members or even in some cases where you want specific friends and family to not get a hold of certain items.


2. How To Look After Your Car

A simple knowledge of car maintenance is important for your own safety and the longevity of your vehicle. Learning how to change a tire could get you out of scrap when your tire bursts unexpectedly. Knowing how to change your oil or top-up with water are also really important because if your engine overheats and you don't pick up on the warning signs or perhaps see the warning lights but don't know what to do, your engine could fail and you need an entire engine replacement, which sometimes is more expensive than buying a new car. So in order to avoid these problems, learn how to top-up oil, fill up your water, change a tire and also drive efficiently so you don't waste fuel, therefore saving money in the long term.


3. How To Receive A Compliment

Firstly, say thank you sincerely then there is absolutely no need to return a compliment. If someone says to you “oh! I love your haircut,” then you reply “thank you, I love yours too,” it just sounds silly and it's usually insincere. Even though unintentionally, don't undermine the compliment by saying something like “oh it's no big deal.” If you are complimented, it clearly was a big deal and you deserve the recognition. Also remember to compliment others yourself, it's important to recognize people's efforts and contributions.


4. Refrain From Always Apologizing

We're all good at over apologizing but it's a bad habit and doesn't look good on you. Before saying sorry, think about it, have you actually done something wrong? If not, don't say sorry. Notice how you ask questions; we often start with “sorry but do you know where we can find the sugar?” there's no need to apologize for asking a question. Instead, switch the sorries to gratitude. An example being “I'm so sorry you had to go out of your way to pick up that parcel for me” could rather be “thank you so much for going out of your way to pick up that parcel for me.”


5. Always Use The Washroom After Sex

Okay we get it, it's not exactly the sexiest thing after an intimate encounter with someone but you know what else isn't sexy? a UTI. In women, the urethra to the bladder is short so bacteria doesn't have to go far to cause a UTI. If there's no penetration you're in the clear but if mouths are involved best you head to the washroom as a matter of priority afterwards.


Thanks for reading. See you in the next article.

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