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Has 'Gossip' Become Boring due to The Introduction of Technology?

One major practice that started from Adam has become laborious due to modern factors lots of people choose for themselves. A trend of staying glued to one's phone and minding one's business has become the common norm in the society.

As some will say "my phone i s my friend" a common saying that seeks to portray the message that, one has to keep learning new things and watching some audio visuals to keep the mind busy.

Before today, people could sit together for hours and you are certain they will be having a discussion, the discussion certainly is about others, not the positive side of others but looking for loopholes in others, only a few blacks exalt others with the perception the will be ''full of themselves" if they are spoken high of, same way they used to say, "don't praise someone she they do well because they will act pompous", I have a different opinion about the statement because it for see that acting pompous for being right or doing right is nothing bad, we should feel big for doing relevant things to shape society.

Technology is a great thing that has come to eliminate one abysmal thing in our setting, " gossip" talking I'll of others and learning nothing new that will be useful yo us. You can be certain when people don't know you they respect you, but once they k ow you the disrespect you, that only speaks one language, don't reveal yourself and you will be fine, people focus on the negatives always.

I have a reason I don't trust people:

1. I don't know them

2. I Know them.

The need to stay glued to the world on your phone is relevant. But more gossip goes on in phones, once it takes money(bundle and call credit) to gossip there I'm sure it will reduce.

Society taught us to talk but limiting us to relevant and business discussions would have been great, a new way that would have driven the system to a positive limelight.

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