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Boil Paullinia Pinata and Mistletoe leaves, drink it to power your male organ and cure waist pains.

Paullinia Pinata (Tuantini) and Mistletoe (Nkranpan) are known to be very efficacious for powering the male organ and for the treatment of waist pains. These herbs functions naturally without any negative health implications. If you have erectile problems and weakness in bed, then a mixture of these local herbs boiled will be very useful to cure such disorders and enhances your ability in bed. Waist pains can also be treated with these local herbs.

Paullinia Pinata (Tuantini) is a common plant in Africa mostly found in secondary forest and cocoa farms. It has a deep root with nice leaves but very easy to uproot it from the ground.

Mistletoe is a parasitic plant which grows mostly on another plant and could be found in cocoa farms and orange trees particularly in Africa. The red colourful fruit is edible for the birds.

The combination of these two local herbs is very strong to empower the male organ and for the treatment of waste pains as indicated earlier.


Collect the leaves of these two herbs from the bush and wash them very nicely to clean any whitish substances on it.

Then put the leaves together in a cooking pot or any cauldron and boil it for some hours.

Thereafter, put it down from the fire and allow it to cool down. Pour it into a drinking cup and gulp it down smoothly as frequently as possible until it finishes. There is no negative side effects for using this plants.

Alternatively, you can uproot the Paullinia pinata from the ground and chew the roots as chewing stick. Drink the juice from it as much as you can. This will power your male organ and enhance it bedmatic prowess. All you need is to wash the root nicely to remove any filth from it and cut it into smaller pieces. Then use it as your chewing stick and swallow the juice. It is a local African herb to treat waste problem and strengthens the male organ from weakness.

The Mistletoe stems is not very strong to be used as chewing stick so it is not advisable to chew it as the paullinia pinata roots.

Mistletoe has no root because it grows on another plant as parasitic plant. But it has stems, leaves and beautiful reddish flowers.

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