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10 Habits Everyone Should Work On Adding To Their Life

1. Look for solutions: In life, we get what we look for. Most people look for problems, so their life is full of problems. If you look for solutions, your life will be full of solutions.

2. Fix your low-self esteem. You fix your low-self-esteem not by changing anything external but internal. You need to become aware of your issues, why you feel the way you do. Sit in silence for 5-minutes daily.

3. Improve your craft. When you get good at something, you enjoy doing it. Practise an interest of yours daily. It can be writing poems or sports. The more you do it, the better you will get.

4. Do the opposite. Most times it’s your dysfunctional impulses that are holding you back. Whenever you feel like doing something, do the opposite. Example: If you are a people pleaser who is used by other people, do the opposite. Say no.

5. Take a step back. Most times, moving backwards is the way to move forward. If I take $10K from my profit to invest in a course, it’s a present loss. But that course will help me make $100k later.

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