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Self motivated Man who works tirelessly despite of his plights

Indeed nature has its own ways of numerous and diverse creations, some may claimed they are favoured most to go about their duties freely whiles others have dissabilities that affects their freedom of movement in one way or the other.

Adela, a physically challenged man who is in his late 30's was happy when i visit him to interrupt with him because he lives alone and do everthing for himself.

Though, Adela can not walk, he crawl on the ground and managed to do all house chores like sweeping, washing among others , he cooked for himself, bath himself and also feeds himself financially too.

Adela, completed a vocational school and now a cobbler, Radio Repairer, Belt and other stuffs. That is his main means of survival. Aside that he dances to entertain his neighbours and visiters on occassions.

''I completed a Vocational School but unfortuanately do not have any strong support to set my own workshop, nice capita to buy all my needed materials for my work to flourish and do not have any proper means of travelling to the workplace'' .

Adela's plights needs serious attention from any benevolent individuals.

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Adela Belt Radio Repairer


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