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Spiritual: How to use salt and lemon to fight your adversaries(enemies and foes)

To attack your adversaries significantly you will require green lemon, plate and some salt. You will cut the lemon then you will get your plate and spot it on, incorporate your salt . By then your place your place plate some spot at your home where the family contributes a great deal of energy. 

Put your lemon inside a versatile sack the accompanying day,please don't contact the lemon since it's done attracting every one of the savvy energies. Continue repeating this every day plan for 4 days or seven days. Trust me you will see the positive changes. Your foes can't attack you any more. 

These are the reasons why our producer made these plants, it's to our advantage. 

Did you understand Lemon can discard all tricky and sinister spirits? You can similarly keep lemons in your pack standard, you will see the lemon dried around evening time when you eliminate it from the attracts and acclimatize every one of the horrible spirits which will be clashing with you. 

Get it out of your pack and get another lemon the accompanying day.Thank you

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