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Follow these 5 steps to get a good night sleep in hot weather with no air condition required

Follow these 5 steps to get a good night sleep in hot weather with no air condition required.

Currently, we are enjoying the cool weather in our country Ghana due to the rainfall but as the earth rotates and orbits around the sun, the season is bound to change. In no time, the hot weather will soon be upon us. The heat that comes with this hot weather is quite unbearable if you don't have AC or a fan. Our sleep patterns get disrupted due to the heat which makes us uncomfortable. Well, prepare for such time by knowing these five (5) things to do in order to get a good night's sleep in hot weather.

1. Ventilation: having at least two windows that are opposite to each other enables cool air to enter the room and replaces the warm air in the room. This in a way cools down the temperature in the room.

2. Choose the appropriate bedsheets: cotton wool sheets are more appropriate than polyester-made linens. Cotton allows air into it to cool the body whilst laying on it.

3. Chill your bed linens: the fridge is not only for storing or chilling foods. Put your bed linens into a well-closed rubber and put it in the fridge. Use the chilly bedsheets to lay your bed.

4. Use of water bottles: water bottles are not only used to make beds warm but they can also be used to cool beds by refrigerating them before putting them into the bed.

4. Take a cool shower: before going to bed, ensure to bath cool water to keep the body warm.

5. Sleep in bed alone. Unlike the rainy season where sharing a bed is conducive, it is not right during the hot weather. Get another bed so you don't have to share your bed with anyone.

Thank you for reading this article. Hope it's been helpful.

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