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What you must know about flowers

Flower is a reproductive part of a plant, we have different kinds of flowers with difference colors. Every flower has it's unique color. Apart from reproduction as it's function, it is also used for difference purposes such as.

1) Regarded as symbol of love.

2) Beauty and gift of nature.

3) For provoke of feeling and happiness.

4) The nature and appearance of flowers help to reduce stress and depressions . Some flowers are also used for medicinal purposes, they also use flowers for teas example is Addis herbal tea and so on. One thing I never new flowers can be used for is skin beauty, a lady told me some secrete about her skin color and it was wonderful. She said she puts the flowers into her water for a few minutes, then after which she baths it. She told me that after she finished bathing, she do not dry herself for about 10 minutes , she said this is done when she is ready to go to bed. Try it and your color will change ladies. Thank you for reading this article.

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