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Three Things You Should Avoid Before Going To Bed.

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Getting a good night's rest is about more than just going to bed at a desiccated time. It also involves arranging your evening so that it's not tiring or stimulating in a way that can make it difficult to fall and stay asleep. I know It's easier said than done, so to help you out, I've rounded up three common behaviors that makes sleep difficult.

I. Refrain from using any kind of digital technology.

A growing body of research suggests that staring at the blue and white light emitted from digital screens hinders the brain from releasing the hormone melatonin, which lets your body know when it's time to fall asleep. So it becomes difficult to fall and stay asleep.

II. Do not drink alcohol.

As anyone who dazes off after a few glasses of wine notice that alcohol often helps you fall asleep.

But research suggests that it can give you sleeping difficulties, as your body starts to metabolize the alcohol during the second half of the night, you may start to get restless. Studies have found that drinking before bed hinders your rapid eye movement sleep in particular way. This is also important for memory and concentration.

III. Do not consume caffeine after 5:00pm.

Study has found out that consuming 400mg of caffeine even six hours before bedtime will disrupt your sleep. Research has shown that those who consumed caffeine pill six hours before bed slept about an hour less than they slept when they didn't consume caffeine.

The researchers suggest that people should limit their caffeine intake to before 5:00p.m, at the latest.

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