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The name 'Kumerica' has had an effect on Kumasi. This is why

Kumerica became a very popular name in Ghana a year ago. The name was given by some Ghanaians who feel the capital city of the Ashanti region is one day destined to be as great as America. Well this name has had an effect in Kumasi.

Ghana is in the raining season and everywhere seems to be really cold. One cold barely walk with no shirt on his or her body.  

The situation in Kumasi is really high. The weather is too cold and most people say since Kumasi is now Kumerica, then it has really affected the weather. People are beginning to put of coats and jackets to reduce the cold level in their body. 

The weather in the United States of America is also very cold and it looks like these two greats cities or countries have finally had something in common.

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