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Consider Going For a Dance

There are many forms of dance, from ballroom to barn dancing to disco, Morris and African dancing. Dance has always been a part of human culture, rituals and celebrations. Today, most dancing is about recreation and self expression, although it can also be done as a competitive activity. Dancing is an enjoyable way to be more physically active and stay fit.

Dancing can be a way to stay fit for people of all ages, shapes and sizes. It has a wide range of physical and mental benefits including; Improved condition of your heart and lungs, increased muscular strength, endurance and motor fitness, increased aerobic fitness, improved muscle tone and strength, weight management, stronger bones and reduced risk of osteoporosis, better coordination, agility and flexibility. Improved balance and spatial awareness. Increased physical confidence, Improved mental functioning, Improved general and psychological wellbeing, a greater self-esteem, better social skills.

Getting Started With Dancing

You can dance in a group, with your partner, or on your own. There are lots of different places where you can enjoy dancing, for example, at schools, social venues, community halls and in your own home. Dancing has become such a popular way to be active and keep fit, that most fitness clubs now offer dance classes in their group group exercise programs.

Dancing can be done both competitively and socially. It can be a great recreational and sporting choice, because anyone of any age can take part. It doesn't matter whether it is cold or raining, as dancing is usually done indoors. The gear you need for dancing will depend on the style of dancing you choose. For example, tap dancing will involve tap shoes, whereas ballet clothing. To get started, simply choose a style you enjoy, or would like to try, look in the yellow pages or online for dance schools in your local area and join a class.

Choosing Dance Style

When choosing a dance style, ask yourself questions such as: do I want to dance to improve my fitness? am I trying to improve my flexibility and coordination? do I prefer fast dancing or slow dancing? do I want to dance with a partner or on my own? do I want to join a group, or have private lessons? will I enjoy competitions, or do I want to dance just for fun?.

General Tips For Dancing

1.See your doctor for check-up if you a medical conditions, are overweight. are over 40 years of age or are unfit.

2.Wear layers of clothing that you can take off as your body warms up.

3.Do warm up stretches or activities before you begin a dance session.

4.Drink plenty of water before, during and after dancing.

5.Make sure you rest between dance sessions

Things To Remember

1.Dancing can be a way to stay fit for people of all ages shapes and sizes.

2.Dancing can improve your muscle tone, strength, endurance and fitness.

3.Dancing is a great way to meet new friends.

4.See your doctor for a check-up if you have a medical condition, are overweight, are 40 years of age or are unfit.

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