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Check out the wonderful things Cinnamon can do in our daily lives (Protection and Attract money)

Cinnamon is one of the oldest spices on record, and it was once considered a gift item to monarchs and other dignitaries. Isn't that cool? Thus, cinnamon has magical properties such as attracting money, employment, physical protection, spiritual protection, success, prosperity, infinite blessings, psychic health, and so on. So, how can we use cinnamon to protect ourselves?

Cinnamon is used in a variety of recipes for its health benefits, but it is also recommended for attracting positive energy to your home, mind, and body. It is one of the world's oldest spices and has long been valued. 

It is a great aphrodisiac and has mystical powers, being used in sympathies and magic, in addition to its culinary use. Learn about some of the magical and protective uses for this spice.

Cinnamon is recommended in magic for healing, attracting money, increasing psychic powers, spiritual and physical protection, spiritual encounters, love, cleanliness, success, purification, blessings, improving communication, and as a meditation aid. Here are some practical cinnamon magic uses: 

To attract money, place a cinnamon essence scented candlestick near the entrance to your office or home. Cinnamon has anti-prosperity properties. 

Carry a stick of cinnamon in your wallet to attract money as well. 

On a crescent moon night, smoke three cinnamon sticks as if they were incense. This will bring good fortune and prosperity to your home and family.

On a crescent moon night, smoke three cinnamon sticks as if they were incense. This will bring good fortune and prosperity to your home and family. 

On the first day of each month, burn a cinnamon stick at the entrance of your house or office saying the following phrase: “When this cinnamon is burned, this house will attract prosperity”; 

Make a mixture of seven teaspoons of cinnamon powder and seven tablespoons of coarse salt in 2 liters of water. After bathing normally, shower with this mixture from the neck down. This shower will clear out all negative vibes and attract prosperity to your life.

Cinnamon for protection: protect your home and ward off negativity 

From two very simple ingredients – clove and cinnamon – you can prepare an infusion to bring protection and ward off the negative energies of the house. 

Separate a handful of cinnamon stick and cloves (about 25g of each is sufficient). 

Boil a glass of water, 300ml, and add the cloves and cinnamon. Let it rest for a few minutes. 

After cold, put in a spray bottle for easy application. 

Apply at the entrance to the house and at the four corners of each room. This recipe can be used whenever you feel tired, without energy.

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