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Beauty and Innovation: Ghana Gets First Pub on a Pool.

The world is changing and inasmuch as Ghana is developing and may have lacked some things, we are slowly catching up. In all my roaming, outing and clubbing, I have never come across a pub on a pool. If there should be anything like that for me to see, it would be from the television. But this time around, this lady has taken an image from a pool with a pub on it in Accra.

Many people would love to experience this too. After long swimming, you don’t have to rush out of the water to get yourself a rum or juice. This is very comforting and exciting. From all indications, this lady in the pool is enjoying and has clearly ordered her drink even as she swims in the water. Occasionally, one must go out and have fun after long months of working and making money. It relaxes and keeps the mind at peace. It also refreshes your being and soul, preparing you ready for another episode of long stressful money-making months.

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