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Protect Yourself From Poverty And Magic With This

Spirituality works in many ways and depends on how you want it to work for you. In ancient times, most of the people in the country relied on plants for spiritual things.

In today's article, I'll take a closer look at alligator pepper and its power on human life, and show you how to use it with the Bible and the 50 dog coin to protect against evil. Readers should also note that failure to follow these simple instructions can also have a negative impact on their lives and that they should follow appropriate steps.

After following the instructions, you protect yourself from;


Juju's evil power.

Blind any evil eye.

Separation from Spiritual Marriage.

Prevent Nightmares.

Performing this simple ritual will give you a great chance in life and protect you from evil spirits. Most of the people living on this earth do not know the consequences of living together with their enemies and therefore take it for granted. It is better to defend oneself than to seek medicine after an attack.

You can follow these steps to use crocodile pepper, bible and 50 pesewas coins as a protective mechanism

Find your alligator pepper and grind it completely.

Take a bucket and fill it halfway with water.

Pour half of the Florida Water Cologne into the water and wait until it is completely mixed.

Put a 50 pesos coin in the water and pray.

Open the Bible to Psalm 54 and read it over the water for more than 20 minutes.

Pour in the ground crocodile pepper and mix well.

Wash your body with water at night before going to bed.

Do not forget to pray before going to bed.

Do this for seven days and all your spiritual problems will be a thing of the past.

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