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How to love yourself: 5 habits for self love.

If you want to be happy and successful in this life, you have to adapt the habit or simply learn how to love yourself. To have a peace of mind you have to love your body and your mind. There are simple habits for self love that will help you define yourself in a way that you can accept and cherish yourself.

Respect your boundaries.

Do you know your limit, when you are tired, overworked and unmotivated do you have the self discipline to say no, to step away from your work. Boundaries are difficult to preserve with your friends, with work and bad habits you try to set limits but its easy to let yourself slip.

Trust your instinct.

This got to do with your inner self. Your inner self is a power force that you ignore to often. Well we called our inner self the voice we hear in our head.Our inner self is a combination of our instinct, experience or values. This simply tell who you are all what you want. So most of the time your inner self knows what you want and what you must do. Your inner self doesn't work unless you put faith in your instinct. Many people struggle with indecision if you are one of them just trust your instinct.

Self care routines.

This is very important in learning how to love yourself. The self care routine is not about cleaning actually is about doing something that makes you feel happy and free. If you are the creative type, creating something of your own is going make you happy with your self.

Focus on yourself.

Take a break from social media, spend less time worrying about solving the world's problem and worry about solving your own problem. Don't change yourself in fear of what people might say but change yourself when you want to grow, learn and improve upon yourself.

Be ready to take risks.

If you sitting waiting the perfect opportunity you will find yourself at the same place because every opportunity has challenges which requires risks. Every dream needs great faith. You need to believe in yourself. If you want to love yourself you must first believe in your ability to overcome obstacles.

Remember there are no limits in chasing our dreams is all in our mind and we could change that mindset.

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