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The Wonders Of The Krobo Witch Okornya Maku

Meet The Great Krobo Witch.

Meet the popular Krobo Witch called Okornya Maku. She was a protector of the entire Kroboland and instilled a healthy fear in her people to keep them away from committing crimes or doing bad things to harm the community.

This is a few details shared by a person who grew up on the Kroboland; 

How many of us know her??

Her name is Okornya Maku a great sorceress from the KroboLand. She got the whole town talking and she made our 90’s very interesting.

Whenever you hear “Okornya Maku “ is coming ooo. You have to run! Come and see speed. 

Her natural locks alone sweeps the ground.

The white powder and cowries on her legs.

Catching the witches and making them 

follow her through the streets of Somanya.

Steal and she will make bees 🐝 come to ur house.

You made growing up fun! Running and hiding behind my grandad's akpasa.

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Great Krobo Krobo Witch Kroboland Okornya


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