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5 Ridiculous Things Rich People Have To Explain To Poor People

Having money doesn't buy you instant knowledge of how to live like the rich and famous because the rich keep their trade secrets close to the chest. I’m going to uncover private clubs to private banks, how to wear a designer suit or where all those books come from to fill a home library and if you think that parking at your local mall is expensive, try parking a superyacht for a season. Below is a list of 5 ridiculous things rich people have to explain to poor people.

 Why Rich People Stay Rich and the Poor Stay Poor ~ Wikye

1. No Amount Of Money Can Buy You Some Luxury Brands

Today when it comes to top luxury brands of shoes, bags or watches, expect a waiting list of 20 years of much love. Louis Vuitton items have the longest waiting list in the world. in other words, if your partner's birthday is next year, you've waited too long to get them a Louis Vuitton.

A web performance today report stated more than 57 of customers abandon their online transaction after three seconds of waiting time. Imagine waiting 20 years, that's how long the wait is. Currently, for Daytona or GMT-Master II watch styles, if you have a see now buy now shopping mentality, then you'll be disappointed it is truly the watch that money alone can't buy.


2. Don't Buy The Car If You Can't Afford The Gas

Gas is the cheap part of owning a luxury car. Having a cool million to drop on a custom luxury car like a Lambo or Maserati isn't the end of the expenses, it might earn you some street cred like with any luxury purchase but it isn't an asset that earns you a bank but rather it costs you money. In fact cars, yachts and jets will have you haemorrhaging funds for maintenance costs. If you don't have double the price tag in your bank account and ways of topping up your funds, you might find yourself sleeping in the back seat of your car just to keep it cool.


3. The Labels On Suits Aren't For Show

Nothing says new money like keeping the brand tag on the sleeves of high-end suits or not removing the tailor's stitching designer suits. Have a tag on the sleeve just to make it easier for shoppers to know what the brand is without having to mess with the display. This wasn't meant to be a brand statement for the streets. Instagram is full of wannabe businessmen suiting up and putting their sleeve label front and centre in their picture but this is actually a total style faux pas.

A quick tip on how to prepare your new suit for public use; while you're at it, remove the white tailor thread on the shoulders, the X of thread on the vent of the coattail and the stitches holding the breast pocket closed. Now you're ready to shine like a wealthy suit wearer.


4. The Biggest Cost Of Buying A Private Jet Is Owning A Private Jet

Private jets don't just fly themselves and hiring a pilot isn't what you want to go bargain hunting for once you have flown your Boeing off the shop room floor, that's when the real costs begin.


5. Spending To Be Healthy Is Actually Cheaper

You might think that health is expensive but the rich know that health is priceless. It's far cheaper to spend to remain healthy than spending to fix your health problems later. Sticking to a good low GI diet can prevent you from developing diabetes for example whereas the high costs of diabetes medication are lifelong. You might think that investing time and money in your fitness is last on your priority list but your career depends on you being healthy and energetic so being anything less could be costing you earnings.


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