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Lady Creates Beautiful Furniture Using Tyres; Ghanaians React

There are some ladies who are only interested in sleeping with men for money but some are also hardworking. A lady has wowed many Ghanaians with what she can use a car, motor and bicycle tyres for. Beautiful household furniture is usually made of wood but this lady has proven that used she can make beautiful furniture out of used tyres.

Looking at the pictures below, the lady by the name of Favour has been able to make centre tables, stuffing chairs, wall racks among others with tyres. Checking at the facial expression of the lady, she might probably be in her middle twenties but she is working very hard to earn an honest living.

Her skills have been admired by many Ghanaians as many encourage her never to give up. Some Ghanaians after coming across this said that ladies who are lazy should learn from her. They argued that God has given each and every person talent and there is a purpose for everyone on this earth. So the youths especially ladies who are only interested in chasing men for money should learn a lesson from this.

It is obvious that making these furnitures take time but because Favour is not lazy, she has been able to make a lot from this business. Reports indicate that this is her main source of income. You can complain that there are no jobs in Ghana but others are making the best they can from their God-given talent.

Check out reactions from some Ghanaians below:

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