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You’re probably not using these things the right way. Check them out(photos)

When you use a lot of everyday things, you usually don't give it much thought. Your side is holding a beer bottle. You take a Tic Tac from its box and shake it. Before going to bed, you plug a cable into your phone to ensure that it is fully charged in the morning. Much of this is possibly second nature to you. It's also completely inaccurate. When it comes to certain common things, the majority of people use them incorrectly. We've come to correct the record. Prepare to get your mind blown when you discover which 4 popular things you're most likely misusing.

You're just turning your ceiling fan one way. 

Ceiling fans, including denim jackets, flavored lattes, and TV premieres, have a season. They "have an ideal way for summer and another one for winter," according to Matthias Alleckna, an energy analyst at, who previously told Best Life, "which can make your home colder or warmer, depending on your preferences." 

Alleckna claims that: "Ceiling fans should be set to rotate counterclockwise on hot days. Your ceiling fan can operate in summer mode, sucking warm air up and pushing cool air down. If you use it in a clockwise direction throughout the summer, the chances are that the air inside your home will become much hotter."

You're not properly angling the rearview mirror. 

If you've ever driven after dark, you've undoubtedly seen the annoyance—and, more than likely, blinding—headlights of a car approaching from behind. You can stop this risky situation by changing your rearview mirror. If you have a manual rear view mirror, according to Your Mechanic, you can flip the tab at the bottom to adjust the angle of the reflective material behind the mirror's glass, dimming the lights behind you. It's even easier if you have a power mirror: simply activate "nighttime mode" to get the same effect!

Your oven's bottom drawer is being used to store pans. 

While the bottom drawer of your oven may appear to be a convenient location for storing pans and baking sheets, this is not the case. According to Tasting Table, an electric oven's bottom drawer is used to warm food (or keeping food warm). This drawer will come in handy if you're hosting a holiday party and need to store already-cooked food before it's time to serve. If you have a gas stove, the bottom drawer is almost definitely a broiling drawer, which is better used to brown the tops of dishes.

You're wrongly filling your dishwasher. 

How do you load the dishwasher? It's one of the most common arguments among roommates, long-term partners, and other cohabiting individuals. You're doing it wrong if you put crusty dishes with leftover carbs (like mashed potatoes) on the bottom shelf on the sides. According to University of Birmingham research, placing these plates in the center of the rack allows them to be thoroughly washed. They'll take the full brunt of the water's blast there.

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