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Peer Pressure: Lady Almost Died After Drinking A Whole Bottle Of Whiskey

Underestimating the influence of peer pressure comes with your own peril. That's why it's important to be very cautious of the company and circle around because it can make and "unmake" you.

A young and beautiful young lady almost lost her precious vibrant life after consuming a whole bottle of raw whiskey. Her supposed were captured in the video encouraging and influencing her to empty the bottle.

Few moments after consuming the bottle of whiskey started having a seizure and lightheadedness. 

She fell instantly and started to urinate and defecate on herself. Thankfully, reports observed on social media disclosed that she's now well and fine due to her immediate rush to the hospital.

In as much as we would like to blame her peers for the near-death experience, she encountered she also didn't do herself any good by deciding to take something she knew could destroy her. She's 100 percent responsible for being reckless and we hope she learns from this encounter.

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