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5 Things you should stop doing to fully focus on your life

1.Stop criticizing yourself for everything

- Love yourself and be kind to yourself

-To err is human. Know that you will make mistakes in life and it is okay. Just pick up yourself, learn and move on.

-Work through your insecurities, fears and anger

-Learn something new everyday because this is how you grow and evolve.

2.Stop overthinking and worrying

-Overthinking creates imaginary problems that does not exist

-overthinking clouds your judgement and prevents you from thinking freely.

-Worrying takes away your joy and future potential

3.Stop comparing yourself to other peoples lives

-Comparing yourself to other people only makes you overthink and worry.

-Understand that you are on your own journey and every milestone you make in life is a great achievement.

-Understand that you are unique, so are your goal, aspirations and dreams.

4.Avoid negativity

-Negativity creates room for hate, destruction and several unwanted elements, avoid it

-it is extremely vital to be positive even when the situation is negative. This pushes you to always be optimistic and look for the best in the worst.

-Don't engage in idle gossip or be involved in destroying others positive image. Instead engage in something productive.

5.Dont let other peoples opinion affect and control you

-The most important thing to remember is that what you think about yourself matters more than what others think of you.

-Do what suits you. Not what suit others. Remember human beings can never be pleased.

-Think about yourself more than you think about others and in the end only your opinion about yourself matters.

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