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Check Out The BMW 328 Dad Made For His Son Out Of Wood [PHOTOS]

The woodworker in the video is a master builder, designing his own body stencils and measuring them to near perfection. The artist creates the frame, the intricate wheels, the fascias, the grilles, and even the famous BMW badge entirely out of wood, using only wood, fasteners, and a generous splash of glue.

He prefers to use material from discarded trees rather than chopping down a living member of the forest, so that wood is also sustainably sourced.

Surprisingly, all is done by hand, with only the most important power tools being used. Even the working steering rack is impressive, and thanks to the solid bearings and shafts, the creation should last for a long time.

Although sculpting this vehicle with chisels, a chainsaw, and a grinder would have been impressive enough, the artist has incorporated features such as working exterior lighting, a rudimentary driver monitor (though this is only linked to a power source), and even a "fuel tank" with a line down to the battery.

A small motor has been attached here, and despite what must be a significant weight penalty, the simple setup is strong enough to drive the artist and his son in the car.

In addition, the vehicle has a reverse feature. This car could win an award for the most accurate reproduction ever made out of wood (which there should be)

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