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All Men Dream But Not Equally, Easy Ways To Make Your Dream A Reality

Just like a bicycle tyre or say a roller coaster life is a cycle of ups and downs. Talk about bouncing back like a ball thrown against a wall and that's synonymous to life. Just like the weather, life has stormy and sunny days.

There are times when you're zealous and so determined to achieve a goal but along the way you start losing hope. On those days remember why you started in the first place. Remember the dream and the energy you had at the genesis. When you want to give up remind yourself that Rome wasn't built in a day, that it's for your own growth. Without challenges and obstacles you're going to be stagnant. Your story won't be inspiring or interesting.

When you have a dream remember these three things; see the dream as a reality, believe in yourself and your dream and then work very hard towards achieving it.

In seeing your dream there will be set backs, there will be mockery, there will be days where you'll be totally discouraged. Do remember that it's your dream only you see it. No one can steal that from you. Albert Einstein said, ''logic will take you from B to A but imagination will take you everywhere''.

To believe in yourself means, you're not going to let the obstacles break your spirit. Trust me the journey will be tough. People just like they did to Noah will mock you, don't forget that when your ark is ready all and sundry will see it then. Don't lose your zeal. Fall eight times get up nine times.

Psych your mind that you're a winner, that you're the head and not the tail. Tell yourself you're going to make you proud and make that happen. Burn the midnight candle. Let the others sleep while you work hard. Oh just before I forget, make your dream a reality, take pictures and shame them.

My dearest reader. That's how to journey to make your dreams realities. Without dreams we're just empty because it's our dreams that keep us going. One more thing before you go; in the great words of Oscar Wilde '' the one person who has more illusions than the dreamer is the man of action''. Why? Simply because once you start working towards the realization of your dream you start seeing it better and get a whole new range of ideas as well.

Thank you for reading. Stay safe. Kindly like, share and follow me.

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