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Video: " What's Going On Here ", See What A Slay Queen Did To Someone All In The Name Of Enjoyment

Nowadays, wherever there is enjoyment, a lot of young people gather there just to have fun and enjoy themselves to the fullest. This makes enjoyment looking like the order of the day, since everyone wants to present at an enjoyment center.

In a video which has recently popped up on social media, a young girl who is believed to be a slay queen is seen performing on a stage. During her performance, she shaked her huge backside to attract the attention on the fans and audience present at the event.

She later on invited one of the fans to the stage so she can perform with. Although, the gender of the person who she called onto the stage hasn't been identified yet, what raised eyebrows of people is how this Well-endowed lady treated her fan on the stage.

This slay queen twerked and also jumped on this fan that after she left him or her, fan wasn't able to stand up from the stage due to the degree of pain he or she was feeling at that moment.


Content created and supplied by: DominicEdi (via Opera News )


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