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Never miss out the extremely jokes for this week.

Some African parent be like I can't be changing uniform for you all time "you will grow up with this one .

you are serving your husband at a wedding reception and another lady says " he don't like too much salad.

the girl you recently meet said " please tell me more about yourself and after you tell her you later see this .

my friend be like this : when he fast Ramadan for the first time .

My friend forgot his laptop in my room & my grandma thought that it was a weight " she later weigh 150 kg .

African teachers be like : i don't need to teach you this when you get to the higher institution they will teach you & lectures said I don't need to get back to this topic you have already learnt this in secondary .

if you are delightful with this jokes kindly drop comments

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African Ramadan


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