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Meet the man who has covered 90% of his body with tattoos

There has been a rise in adornment of the body with ink. This has been common nowadays unlike in the past when it was quite rare

Majority of people have found a great deal of interest in painting their bodies with ink as they think makes them look attractive.

Each and everyone on this Earth has their own rights and freedom to do whatever they like. Some decide to change their gender, some do body piercings, some cut parts of their body and discard them while others draw tattoos on their bodies.

It is their choice and I do respect that a lot. The category I am going to talk about is the tattoo. The focal point of this article is a Russian man known as Vladimir Gucci Tatuador.

Vladimir Gucci attained a global recognition for having over 90 percent of his body covered with tattoos.

He works together with his wife in Moscow, Russia and they specialize in blackwork tattoo design.

He is currently 36 years of age since he was born in the year 1985. Aside he being a tattoo specialist, he is also known for body building. He really invests much time trying to improve his body.

He is tagged to be the most tattooed person in the whole of Russia with over 90 percent of his body covered with tattoos.

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