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The moment you see these 5 things in your life it means your life is coming to an end

Death is defined as the act of passing away, the end of life, or the permanent destruction of something. An example of death is when a person takes his last breath. Death is inevitable to some extent but can be prevented if our society comes together and do what is necessary.

Before my Grandfather died, he sat me down and told me something mysterious about death and how to escape it if it's not your time to visit your grave. I believed what he said since he died at the age of 186 years. Even though in the olden days, our forefathers swallowed long life seeds which sustained the to live long but if these things occur in you it means you will surely die;

  1. Constant confusion: The moment a person gets confused for so long spiritually it means the spirit is not in connection with the body and therefore they will need to separate from each other.
  2. Sudden shock: Shock is something inevitable in the lives of humans. It can mean so many things, both spiritually and physically. Constant shock spiritually means your soul is experiencing danger and therefore cannot live inside you.
  3. Dreams of the past: A dream is a factor that determines a person's next stage in life. When one keeps having dreams correlating with the past, it means something has been left behind and therefore the spirit cant continue the journey of life with the body.
  4. Easily Irritated: You can be on the brick of death when you are easily irritated even when not necessary. This means the spirit no longer has a sense of humanity therefore will need to escape to the land of the dead.
  5. Instant sadness: Being sad is normal. Spiritually, sadness means betrayal. When one instantly gets sad even though he or she was happy, then it means she or she will soon visit his grave.

I cannot give directions on how to prevent these circumstances because everyone has his or her life-generating source differently. Therefore, I shall be giving directions in the comment section when one gives me his or her ( age, surname and tribe). With this information given, I can know how to help save you from unforeseen deaths

I believe this was helpful to my cherished readers. Thank you for stopping by on this article. Please motivate me to do more for you by commenting, sharing, liking and following me for more updates on spiritualities.

Content created and supplied by: TeacherKhobby (via Opera News )


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