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Health Benefits Of Fertility Plants That Everyone Must Know(Ogirisi)

New bouldia Levis is an tropical plant belonging to the family of Bignoniacae, its among the most useful plants in Africa.

The plant has shiny dark green leaves and bears large showy terminal purple flowers.

The plant is really good and treats many diseases which we don't know due to the lack of our culture and scientific knowledge.

Without wasting much time let me highlight you on the importance or health benefit of fertility plant.

Health Benefits Of Fertility Plant.

Some of the benefits are as follows.

1) the young leave can also be cooked with red oil drink during labour to facilitate easily delivery.

2) a decoction of the leaf is taken by women to treat fertility problems by boiling the baby leaf and drink as tea immediately after their period.

3) dried powereded of the back combining with alligator paper .

This is something small that I wanted to talk about.

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