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Hogbetsotso festival:a brief history


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One of the most popular festivals in Ghana is the Hogbetsotso festival.When it's that time of the year, you see many voltarians coming back home to join the beautiful celebration. Here is a brief history about the festival

What is hogbetsotso festival?

The week-long Hogbetsotso festival commemorates the migration of the Anlo-speaking Ewes, an ethnic group on the eastern coast of Ghana, from the ancient walled city of Notsie in present-day northern Togo to their current home in Ghana. The Hogbetsotso festival (pronounced Hogbechocho) is celebrated by the chiefs and people of Anlo in the Volta region of Ghana. Some major Anlo towns include Anloga (capital), Keta, Kedzi, Vodza, Whuti, Tegbi, Dzita, Abor, Afiadenyigba, Anyako, Konu, Alakple, Tsito, Atiavi, Deʋegodo, and many other villages.

When is the Hogbetsotso Festival in Ghana?

Hogbetsotso festival - Volta region of Ghana. Hogbetsotso festival - Celebrated every year, by the people and chiefs of Anloga, Volta region of Ghana. The festival is celebrated on the first Saturday of the month of November every year.

What does Hogbetsotso mean?

Hogbetsotso reminds the Anlos of their ancestry. It rekindles the bond of relationship that existed between them and other Ewe-speaking people and also affords the citizens the opportunity to appraise their development programmes in the past year.

Origin of Hogbetsotso

‘HOGBETSOTSO’ is derived from the word ‘HOGBE’ or ‘HOHOGBE’ the day of exodus, the moment in time when the Ewes in the Dogbo quarter of the walled city of Nortsie in Togo, escaped from the tyrannical ruler Agorkorli by walking backwards. In order to commemorate the exodus and the bravery of their traditional rulers who led them on the journey, the people created this annual “Festival of the Exodus''.


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