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Three 3 major reasons why you are still poor.

Are you one of those persons who constantly wonders, "Why am I always broke?"Forget about saving for the future; you require funds immediately. You despise being poor and are constantly asking yourself, "Why am I so poor?"

This is due to the fact that being poor and living in poverty entails not having enough to live a regular life. It implies that your chances of living the life you desire are extremely remote. Even worse, poverty can be passed down through generations. You will not have the opportunity to leave a legacy to your children if you are poor.

Why am I in such a bad situation? There are three reasons why you are poor.There are a variety of reasons why you may be poor, but there are three major factors that may play a role in your plight.

Perhaps all three of them apply to you, or perhaps only one or two of them.Whatever the case may be, it is critical that you understand why you are where you are.

1. A lack of financial literacy

Why isn't this taught in schools? It is never taught how to create money, invest money, or maintain riches. This is something that people from low-income families are unlikely to learn at home, putting them at a disadvantage even when they become wealthy. Do you want an example? Take a look at how many lottery winners become bankrupt in their lifetime.

The good news is that, with the exception of health problems, nearly all of these can be addressed with the correct information and attitude. It doesn't mean that someone who comes from a family with little financial education or history can't be the one who gets it. However, for many, it will entail more than just studying.

2.Society's Interconnections Wealth and Self-Worth. Everyone wants to fit in and be viewed as valuable, therefore they frequently strive to dress the part. At a cocktail party, the first thing people ask is, "What do you do?" If you believe in the "money equals worth" delusion, you may make several financial blunders in an attempt to conform to some fantasy. You can lease automobiles, buy clothes, handbags, gadgets, and phones that you can't afford, and so on.

You may be trapped in contracts that keep you destitute (leases, etc.). You use credit that you can't afford to repay. Though psychological studies suggest that shopping boosts Dopamine levels in the brain (making you feel happy for a short time), it's only a temporary fix.

3. There isn't enough time to plan or think

This happens on a scale, of course. When you're working two minimum wage jobs, have to shop and make dinner every night, watch your kids, clean your house, and do laundry, when do you have time for anything else? You don't have time to look for alternative employment openings, develop a concept, or network online since you're barely keeping your head over water. Money buys you time, and you can literally outsource essential duties (cleaning, washing, and online bill payment) to gain even more.

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