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Weird Houses You Probably Didn't Know Existed: Check these out

Usually, we all just want to stay in normal looking houses that are either simple or fancy. However, some people go overboard with their level of creativity even in putting up houses. They either get their inspirations from nature or just by the mere idea of trying something completely different.

Whichever the case, they are some very interesting and weird houses that you probably didn't even know existed. Here are a few of such houses.

The above picture is a house in the form of a truck which is not common. It may seem very interesting for some people to live in such a house but scary for others. Especially those who fear trucks and heavy vehicles. But I think it's a very amazing view and whoever constructed it did a really good job.

Now, this is a really scary one. It does appear like a crocodile and if you fear reptiles, this is definitely not going to excite you. However, let's take time to appreciate the one who constructed this. It looks very ancient yet the details are still prominent and I think it's beautiful.

This house is wild, weird and beautiful although I can't exactly make out the shape. It appears to be in a form of cobwebs. This is luxurious as compared to the crocodile house from the earlier picture.

In Ghana, there is an old aircraft that has been converted into a restaurant however, there has not been one like a house. The above picture is a house constructed in the form of an airplane.

This house in itself is not weird or so different but it's environment adds a sense of serenity to it's appearance. Built on a rock in the sea and surrounded by pure nature.

This huge seashell shaped house is said to be constructed for a family of four in Mexico by Antoni Gaudi and Frank Lloyd Wright. And, it's such a spectacular sight to behold.

Let me know which one you would wish to live in.

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