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What it Means when a Lady Wears a Thumb Ring

The thumb is often seen as a sign of independence, flexibility and willpower. Hence, wearing a finger ring on your thumb symbolises strength of character, willpower, fashion, independency and freedom of thought. 

According to ancient Roman literature, wearing a ring on this finger can help you achieve your wish and move towards success.

Wearing a ring on your right thumb is a sign of ambitious hesitation, while a thumb ring on the left hand is a sign of inner conflict. In the current scenario, a thumb ring is often worn as a sign of independency and as a sign of wealth.

Wearing a thumb ring can mean different things to different individuals. But thumb rings simply means independency, fashion, trend , tradition, culture and sign of self respect to respective individuals. 

Though some individuals often seen thumb wearing as sign of prostitution among our ladies well, that's not true but tell us what it means to you to wear a thumb ring.

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