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Easy DIY fly trap with everyday ingredients

Flies are very irritating insects that are know for carrying and spreading germs and other disease-causing pathogens. We can also all agree that the buzzing sound they make when they fly close to our ears is just another level of agonising annoyance. Because of these reasons, fly swatters and all types of try traps have been invented to get rid of these pesky creatures in our households. Luckily for you, after reading this article, you wouldn't have to use up money buying expensive fly traps, you can make your own using everyday home items! For this DIY trap, all you need is a plastic bottle and a few ingredients mixed together to serve as bait to draw the flies into the trap. Follow the steps below for your cost-free DIY fly trap proven to be 100% effective.


1. Empty plastic bottle

2. Water

3. Vinegar

4. Bait (Sugar, honey, raw meet, basically anything flies are attracted to)

5. Liquid soap


1. Cut the empty plastic bottle such that the bottom part is slightly bigger.

2. Take the bottom part and pour some water into it, add a few drops of liquid soap to and a little vinegar to the solution. Now add your bait of choice.

3. Turn the top of the cut bottle and put it into the bottom part to form a funnel, making sure that there is a little space between the solution and the head of the inverted top.

4. Now that your trap is done, place it at a convenient spot and wait for exciting results.

You can keep this trap for about 2 days or until the trap is full and replace solution to continue using it. I hope you found this article informative. Feel free to experiment using deferent forms of bait to draw the flies; anything at all you've noticed flies are attracted to, you can use. The vinegar prevents bees from coming into your trap while the liquid soup makes their wings heavy, thus making them struggle to fly out. The inverted top of the bottle also make it difficult for the flies to maneuver their way out of the trap through the narrow opening after entering the trap.

Have fun making your new DIY trap and let me know how it works for you in the comments section!

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