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What's happening to our generation? Check out the crazy heights people climb just to take photos.

Is it possible to climb to the very top of every building? How do people get to climb so high into the sky?

One of the most famous practices on the internet is taking pictures on the very top of very high buildings. It is obviously a reckless and worthless expedition, considering that such images or videos fetch undertakers nothing more than social media followers and a temporary fame.

I do not believe, not even for a second, that such a price is worth risking a precious human life for.

Besides, it is impossible to set a record with this adventure due to the fact that the record bar has already been raised so high by a lot of existing and officially documented records; for example the Guinness book of record. To set a record with this expedition, one would have to take a bigger risk that this, which one might even consider suicidal.

For instance, one might have to do tight rope walking hundreds of feets above the ground level to set a record. Does this not sound suicidal to you?

People are not permitted, but I suppose there is always an exception in all circumstances? Previously, the highest observation deck was located on the 124th floor. The highest observation deck, however, is now on the 163rd floor.

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